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Sports Photography is an ever changing landscape.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

I would be remiss if my first blog did not address all the changes that have taken place the last 18 months. Photo shoots that are on again, then cancelled, then back on again but modified to stay six feet apart. Group photos then no group photos, mask on, mask off and just a precarious back and forth that was unpredictable and hard to navigate even when or if you were allowed. It forced us into thinking of new ways to take photos and even more creative ways to deliver the final product.

Midwest Sports was one of the lucky ones to come out stronger then before. We were able to look at old technologies like image extraction and then develop new ways to use them in traditional products and on a large scale. The old business model was forced to change and engage our customers differently. So today our landscape or should I say our business model has changed.

We have a remodeled ecommerce storefront that allows for pre-pay with secure credit card payments. A new website that is relevant to new products and new workflow technologies that make our job more efficient such as reordering product. Software that interfaces across a broad range of platforms making our production printing process faster. All because of a tiny little virus that changed all of our lives very quickly.

My go to saying about change used to be "I welcome change as long as nothing is altered or different". And in so many aspects how true is that for some of us. So now we are looking for the school athletic directors, principals and school administrators, youth athletic organization board and committee members that want a change in landscape too. We want to be your business partner that is flexible and dependable, predictable and consistent. We know we are positioned to earn your business if given the chance. Not all change is forced on us unexpectedly but chosen so we can do better.

First blog is in the can for better or worse. And remember "focus on the game and we will focus on you".

- Midwest Sports,

R. Phillips

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